Thursday, April 02, 2009

Building RTAI Linux

Today i build RTAI Linux based system on Intel Celeron(M) processor @ 1Ghz, it is a single board computer for use in TCT (Toll Collecting Terminal). I use RTAI version 3.6 with Kernel 2.6.23 on Debian Lenny. Since Debian Lenny comes with GNU C Compiler version 4.3, the Kernel and RTAI was failed to build - I know, the Kernel actually forbid to use except GCC version 4.1 -. Then i move to Fedora 8 with GCC version 4.1. Here my steps:

1. Patch the current Kernel.
#patch -p1 < /tmp/rtai/base/arch/i386/patches/hal-2.6.23-rtai-patches-x.x-x.patch

2. Customizing and compile the current Kernel.
#cd /tmp/kernel-2.6.23
#make menuconfig
#make bzImage

3. Compile RTAI (set Kernel and installation directory, in this sample i use /rtai for the installation directory).
#cd /tmp/rtai
#make menuconfig
#make install
#tar cjvf rtai-tct.tar.bz2 /rtai

4. Copy the compiled Kernel and RTAI into the host machine.
5. Run test suite.

to be continued...

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