Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Tuesday as usual...

This would be a hard month, i assist TCT programmer in move into Linux using RTAI kernel patch, X, and GTK+ interfaces. I mainly create it's GUI interface, checking code and make sure it doesn't sucks, create a low level kernel module to communicate with I/O using RTAI API to use by TCT for controlling some devices. I have to move into my new desk after a project's discussion. And i'm now entering real card dispenser development.

Also we got company from IEI, our main SBC (Single Board Computer) manufacturer from Taiwan, good to meet these guys!

Meanwhile, Irna (have i tell you in Rawamagun post? ;-) call and seduce me, send many sms, so i call her back, then she ask about something sound like a date. gzz... keep rockn'