Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I hate touchpad

Tonight i reinstall my old Thinkpad T30, i use Fedora 8. I except Fedora 8's Linux kernel has support with it's wlan card Atheros Communications, Inc. AR5212 802.11abg NIC as listed on ifcfg-wlan0 network script, now the kernel has detected it correctly with module named ath5k.

My problem is it's touchpad, synaptic was responsible for this. After do googling a while, i got this soulution:

- Set "SHMConfig" option to be "on" in the X configuration file ("InputDevice" section)

Section "InputDevice"
   Identifier  "Synaptics"
   Driver  "synaptics"
   Option  "Device" "/dev/input/mice"
   Option  "Protocol" "auto-dev"
   Option  "Emulate3Buttons" "yes"
   Option  "SHMConfig" "on"

- Use synclient to modify the touchpad. See synclient -l

- Then a variable named TouchpadOff will be disable the touchpad, set the variable value
$synclient TouchpadOff=1 (0 to re-enable)

Now the touchpad should not bothering me ;p.