Monday, June 07, 2010

Salatiga Trip

Saturday morning I was woke up late, and already make appointment with Narissa at Gambir train station, shit... Reynilda and Narissa call me every time, Narissa already been there and bought a train ticket to Semarang. The alarm and the phone call ring seem didn't make sense with my ears. At least i wake up at 6.30 AM after Reynilda called me (for i don't remember how many times), actually i have make promise to Narissa to get there at 3.00 AM and find tickets for us. Sorry lady, i didn't mean to be it.

We sit aside, she brought many bags, girls... After 6 hours seating, sleeping and talking we were arrived at Semarang, Gimsong and Reynilda come and pick up us. This is my first time in Salatiga, the city is about 1 hour car-driving from Semarang. Pretty cold there, you will remember Bandung's Lembang when you were there.

They took me at Sate Restaurant, Happy Puppy Karaoke, Fish traditional restaurant, Banana Fries. I waste my times with some horror movies and watching some local TV program. At Monday at approx. 10 PM, they took me to Tawang train station. I have business class train since the excecutive class was full ordered. I was enjoying 6 or more annoying hours with this business class ;p