Monday, July 05, 2010

Dwi's Marriage

Friday 07/03/2010 Hadi, Agus OB and me are going to Senen Train Station. We are going to Yogjakarta with a business class train. The train looks so full, some passenger couldn't find seat, the just sit anywhere in the train. It was very uncomfortable. After killed at the train for about 10-12 hours at least we are arrived at Yogyakarta's train station (Tugu). Walks out around the station to find a hotel for rest. There are no empty hotel there, we taken by a taxi to Parang Tritis's road to find hotel. But always full, the Muhammadiyah Muktamar participants made each hotel at Yogyakarta full. With no result we decided directly to Magelang (Dwi's City).

Travel from Yogyajarta to Magelang taken about 1 hour drive by a cab. Not need many hours to find a Hotel there, i found simple hotel located at center of Magelang city called Hotel Mutiara, it's enough and cheap.

After take rest for a while, Agus SMG comes to our hotel and take us to Dwi. Dwi is treated at the hospital since he out from OMNI hospital. Tomorrow is his marriage's day. If he are not ready, the marriage will held at the hospital, of course. Said his father when visiting his house.

The marriage was held in the hospital, his families comes, so we are. We also attending the reception. We are going back to Jakarta with a car driven by Mr. Lilik, happy new life and best luck for you my friend.