Sunday, August 22, 2010

Randi Leaves

We prepared from our house at 3.00 AM morning, pick a cab in front of Rawamangun Sport Center. We have some baggages that most of them are Randi's equipment. The cab driven very fast so not less than 1 hour we arrived at the airport, take a trolley for the baggages. By the way, We are come too early and we have to wait for about 1-2 hours before the check in. GA-604 is the flight number for Garuda Indonesia (GI) Airplanes, the departure place is located in 2F Terminal. At 6.30 We entered the check-in place and going to waiting room, I admit good cooperation with GI's officer and Airport's officer for letting me in to accompany them. Not so long, the officer asked the passenger to enter the plane. It's time to hug and kiss little Randi, We will meet soon my loves.

Another GI's officer asked me for my boarding-pass, I don't have it and got little angry, he ordered me to exit from the under way, that's fine. Take a way to the exit door, bought a KOMPAS newspaper and wait for airport bus to Rawamangun. Jakarta was look silent and peaceful this day.