Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Kendari Days

I'm enjoying my days in Kendari, having Idul Fitri 1431H with my families is wonderful. Many things happen, that most about Randi. At least I fell relieved and everything gonna be okay. I was flight from Jakarta at 6th Sept 12.55AM, via Lion Air plane flight number JT-728 with unfriendly weather condition, I was very impatient to wait for the arrival to Halueleo Ariport.

My daily activity mostly is accompanying little Randi with his mom. I also enjoy using our city transportation car locally named PT-PT and propagandizing my rock'n style ;p. I was learning Ruby programming language, this language just looks more unique and cool for me. I may switch from Python to this language for interpreted language choice. Yeah I know they were written in C.

This night Aswar's daughter was born, my mom give help the birth. Congrats to him for (also) being a father.