Monday, October 04, 2010

Special month

This October is a very special month for me, I'm getting married at 10/10/2010 in small town called Soroako my fiance's homegrown place. Will be going there at 7th day this month using a airplane heading to Makassar. Our families was very busy right now to prepare the wedding party.

The big improvements with my live after going back from Kendari is: I was completely quit from smoking, I admit sometime for a strong suggestion made me want to have some nicotines inside my blood, hopefully I can manage this suggestion. I'm also having a regular exercise at Rawamangun stadium every morning to burn some fat and for health of course.

Some hacking progress is about gBilling, I was busy with it's development, also re-creating the website using Wordpress based blog for easy management. The TCT development is getting more complex especially with the GTO and for some testing requirement modifications (that sucks). Playing with Python script for serial implementation pySerial with ACR120 Smart Card Reader.