Thursday, November 25, 2010

WAFER-LX800 as TCT board

Today I managed to configure IEI WAFER LX-800 board, the most important thing that the board has AMD Geode LX800 500MHz processor and 8 RS-232 port, it will also has to support PM-1028 multi-port PC-104 card.

The board has a configurable IO address at it's BIOS that need to be adjusted in order to make the PM-1028 work, so here the configuration.

WAFER LX2-800 IT8888 ISA Decode IO

Decode I/O Space 1          [Enabled]
Decode I/O Speed 1          [Slow Speed]
Decode I/O Addr. 1 [15:0]   [0200]
Decode I/O Size 1           [ 64 Bytes]

The 64 bytes size means that address range that PM-1028 used, the PCM-1028 multi-port module has 200H - 238H address range by default so 64 bytes will more than enough and it is the only option after 32 bytes size.

I also configure the PM-1028 multi-port to share one IRQ by using IRQ 5.

The Debian Lenny doesn't provide GEODE Xorg chipset driver by dafault. The package was named xserver-xorg-video-geode, without it the X server will fail to run no matter how the X configuration file is configured.