Monday, April 06, 2009

Fedora: Non-free packages

Have enjoying using the latest Fedora 10 now i'm thinking about multimedia contents, you may know the Fedora Project aims to provide only "free-as-freedom" packages, therefore any propriety codec will not be included. Rpmfusion a RPM based packages repository provide non-free gstreamer plugin to play propriety codec (gstreamer-plugins-bad). Here are the steps:

1. Goto Rpmfusion, download and install it's non-free repository package, for example: #rpm -Uvh
2. Fetch it using yum #yum update
3. Search for gstreamer-plugins-bad and install it. #yum install gstreamer-plugins-bad

Try the codecs using gstreamer based player (eg. Totem), if the movie/song was not played and Totem told you such as "plugin search", just follow the wizard.

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