Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Quit from smoking

6/30/10 @4:21 PM
This my 4th day for quit from smoking, this kills but i'll not going down. Quit from smoking kill as smoking it self, but better to quit. I still get a new life after death from `killed' by quit smoking. Also smoking is not cool anymore (when smoking is cool?)

7/1/10 @10:10 AM
The 5th day, just like tomorrow... kills. Meanwhile Dwi was gone to Magelang with his family, Agus and our driver. Hadi ordered some train tickets for us to Jogjakarta. [Power Slaves - Impian]

7/8/10 @10.17 AM
The 12th day, I still have strong suggestion for smoking but I can handle this more easily than before, a few days before I can't prevent the suggestion, so I suck some smokes just to taste the nicotine in my blood (3 - 5 sucks i guess). The significant progress is I can concentrate for writing some codes without having them, that's very hard to accomplished when I was smoker active.

7/10/10 @3.33 PM
More and more better this time, today i have to go to the Airport for Anty, she is going to Jakarta. I was so happy ;p.