Sunday, October 04, 2009

Beer Hacks

Last night im going to Aso's base-camp, i promised him to fix his new Notebook. Going there by a Cab, Aso pay the fares for me - thanks you, because i really low in cash after my ATM card is lost -, there is Luke, Lule and other friends. Wow, Aso show me his new XPS Compaq notebook, wow... it's a stylish notebook, black-silver color and highend one. It's bundled with Microsoft Windows Vista (but I have no intereset with Vista), 3GB physical RAM, slot-in DVD-RAM and Intel Core 2 Duo CPU. Cool and high-end notebook.

The problem is Aso forgot his account's password, he complained that he set the password then he can't login into it again. Wow, he said "i was setting the password when i was drunken", the password is jakarta, mmm... i do a simple mistypo trick for drunken people ;), i try to upcase-ing the password to be JAKARTA, and viola it was unlocked and now sign to locked account. They all asking me "how the hell i did that?", i answer ... "This is a secret way, i can't tell you because you will able to use this to broke a system", they seem accept that.. haha... gotcha...