Friday, June 05, 2009

In Kendari

This is a late post, because i was too lazy to update my blog. This post describe about my visit in Kendari

Cingkareng 06-05-2009, 10:00am
I arrived from Rawamangun bus shelter, Dwi accompany me with his motorcycle. I got airport bus service that directly transport me to the Airport. I got Lion Air one-way tickets (in the previous post), they only allow me in Kendari for 2 days ;p. My flight has been scheduled at 12.30am, so i wait. I think im cool enough, i got black long-shirt with red sign in left arm (inspired by Arch Anarchy's guitarists). Black metal guitarist ;p.

The airplane has been scheduled for 30 minutes delay due the bad weather, and after waiting... at last the plane arrived. Shit, this maybe a got 'trauma'... im so fucked when the airplane got turbulence due the bad weather, dark cloud, rain and winds. I keep praying..., thanks for the woman (who i helped to bring her baggage) thanks for Tango wafer.

At last... im in Kendari, the rock city. Fandy my second brother call for me with his motorcycle too. Arrived at home, see my parents and sister and the other families. Not too long, Romy comes then Aswar, Rizal. Doing talk session as friends who never meet for a long time.

Finally im home, with my beloved peoples and friends... it's nice to be here...