Monday, September 14, 2009

Back from Bandung

Yesterday took a Baraya Travel's bus from McD Pulo Gadung, Gunarto accompany me with a motorcycle (he has been seduced by a shemale when we are waiting the traffic light ;p). Arrived in Bandung for about 9.00pm then goto Jemmy's house in Antapani district. At Sunday afternoon, bought my iPod USB data cable and take a look some guitar amplifiers. Call Aat, fortunately she was in Bandung too, so i ask her to have dinner with me, she offer Dakken Resto and Cafe at Riau street. Im going there, not too long as least she came, order some foods and drinks and take a long conversation. This is our first meeting.

Aat offer me back to Jakarta together, we take train because as she said, travel was already full. I start from Jemmy's house in 4.00am to the Bandung's train station. Bought two seat Argo Gede train tickets for me and Aat. Aat then come, going around to the station to find something then taking our place in that train.

But shit, i got stomach-ache, waste them in the train's toilet ;p. After about 3 hours we have arrived in Gambir station, Aat get a cab and ask me to follow... but i stop at Cikini, take another cab and going to my place. Nice to meet you Aat ;p