Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fedora 11: Leonidas

Tonight i install Fedora 11 (Leonidas) on a 8GB Transcend's IDE SSD. There are previous Fedora 10 (Cambridge) in my SATA disk, i don't need to re-partition my SATA disk, just wipe out and re-partition the SSD. I build the USB media install based on my previous post. I choose Fedora 11 64bit Live-ISO build, i want to taste the Fedora's 64bit version. C'mon.

After creating the USB Live system, boot it up. And the new boot-screen show up, the new playmouth version. Sign-in to it's GNOME desktop, and I'm now in the Live Fedora 11 desktop. Then run /usr/bin/liveinst to start GUI installation.

Problem comes when in partitioning step, the installer wouldn't let me to create ext4 filesystem for boot, switch to ext3 filesystem was same. It complains that the Live system require a ext4 filesystem for root directory. I don't understand with 'Live system require a ext4 filesystem', and confused. Okay, how about creating a ext3 /boot partition and a ext4 / root partition. The installer now run, everything was run as expected.

Finish with installation, configure GRUB to add a new boot entry for Fedora 11 located in the Transcend 8GB SSD. Configure anything, then run yum to update. It's took about 400MiB downloads for updating.

After updating, then i install additional software such as GCC, GTK+ development library and additional non-free packages from rpmfusion repository. Test with play a movie, wow... i got shocked with display error, it displays such broken TV picture, the system was unresponsive, switch to another tty nothing happen. I do manual reset.

After booting, i can login and use the desktop again. Do some additional packages installation such as Devhelp and Liferea. Devhelp could not run, it told me 'Bus error' error. This is a system call related errors, i try to debug then i got the Devhelp's process caught a SIGBUS caused by memset function. I try to run ldconfig, it told me some truncated shared libraries. Okay, do filesystem checking by #touch /forcefsck then reboot the system. It's same, i still got the ldconfig truncated library files. Now i run yum reinstall [packages] to reinstall the truncated shared libraries. Test to run Devhelp again, and it's rock. The problem caused by some broken installation of shared libraries ;).

Here the main Fedora 11 64bit package's version:

- Kernel 2.26.29
- GNOME 2.6.23
- Xorg 1.6.4
- GCC 4.4.1