Sunday, February 28, 2010

X Cursor

These weeks is for TCT testing, some problem found and need to be fixed immediately. This day with Dwi and Agus at office, i have been almost 2 days here to fix these problems.

Some hacks with TCT are to fix LTN file, it seem to broken while using GLib's GIOChnanel API, improve CSD write operation so it can handle notran immediately, add command line arguments as options. I'm googling to disable X cursor on this Debian Lenny's GNOME desktop. I found unclutter, a small utility to hide the X cursor after a period in inactivity, this utility is rocks! shit... where have you been?. Then I install it, run as startup program in GNOME. Now the TCT screen should not display a mouse cursor until next mouse movement.

Since the TCT console will not equipped by a mouse, how to use a keyboard as mouse?

Use Shift + NumLock, then use numpad's digit as movement, '/' for left click, '*' middle click and '-' for right click. Again with Shift + NumLock to disable this feature.

unclutter Debian package