Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fedora: Costumization

You may know that Fedora was targeted for desktop user, therefore many desktop applications such as X Server, Window Manager, Desktop Environment, Network Application (browser or messenger), Multimedia and many more have been already included. For those who want to use Fedora for server, router or even a small system that use only console based application you may follow this customization.

You can get a list of installed applications or application's group and remove that you don't need, for individual application you can try with rpm:

#rpm -qa | more

This will show you a list of applications installed on your system, to remove a application named i-dont-need-you:

#yum remove i-dont-need-you

Just for sure, you don't want to remove a application which has dependency with your desired application right? so be carefull.

Then For group of applications:

#yum grouplist

Will list some series of group used by Fedora, to remove a group of application let say 'Web Development' (coz you are not PHP or AJAX ninja ;p):

#yum groupremove 'Web Development'

Before removing a application that you don't know what is and what for, use:

#yum info 'application_name' or #yum groupinfo 'group_name'


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